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Gift From God

2 years ago today  I met someone who was truly a gift from God. That person is my little sister, Pumpkin! Let me give you a little of the story though…

We had always had relatively healthy pregnancies. With my sixth sibling, mom had gestational diabetes and so she immediately started eating a strict diet and testing her blood sugar numbers. Near the end of the pregnancy she had to take glyburide but the only life threatening problem occurred when it was time to give birth. The baby had a prolapsed cord so we had to do an emergency C/section but we had a healthy 7 lb 3 oz baby girl.

A year later, we were overjoyed to find out that we were expecting a 7th child! But one day my Mom went to the hospital to have a routine ultrasound of our baby and we found out that our little one’s heart had stopped beating. We felt as though our hearts had been stabbed with a knife. The little children (the youngest was 1 at the time)  didn’t quite understand what was happening, only that something terrible had happened and that everyone was sad. Well, a few months later we found out we were expecting again.But again for some reason that only God knows, we only had 8 short weeks with this little one. Mom lost 2 more sweet babies after this.  We don’t know why  we had 4 consecutive miscarriages over a period of 4 years, but it was one of the most painful experiences ever.

When we found out we were expecting for an 11th time we immediately started praying and looking for a good doctor who had experience with gestational diabetic pregnancies and we found one. He was such a good doctor! He knew how many miscarriages we had had and how worried we were about the baby so he scheduled us to come in every week to have an ultrasound or Doppler check of the baby. At each appointment we would hold our breath when they turned on the Doppler and searched for the heartbeat. With the grace of God the doctor found it each time even if he had to get the ultrasound machine out and look at the baby!

Even though Mom still had gestational diabetes and a scary thing called a Sub Chorionic Hemorrhage (SCH) which made her have to be on bedrest for the first half of the pregnancy, we knew if we got to 20 weeks we would be able to worry a little bit less because our chances of miscarriage from the SCH would go down. But boy, I have never felt so many weeks go by so slowly! But we rejoiced and thanked God each day that we had this precious little one.  About halfway through the pregnancy we decided to not figure out what the baby was so that we could be surprised. The baby would come by C/section because that would be the safest way

. We all counted down the days until the baby was supposed to be born. 90, 80, 50, 30, 10 until finally it was the night before the baby was coming. I was going to go in with mom and Dad to have the baby early in the morning so I went to bed really early and surprisingly fell asleep within minutes. I was worried that my youngest sister at the time (who I shared a bed with) would wake up alone and be really scared but all our Guardian Angels were working hard because my two younger brothers woke up in the middle of the night as i was walking down the hall and said that they woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep in their own beds so they wanted to know if they could sleep in my bed with our little sister. It was perfect and I didn’t have to worry about them the rest of the day! We left for the hospital at 3:30 a.m. and it took a few hours to get to the surgery prep room and get mom prepped for the surgery. As they were about to go in the kind nurses let me stay in a room right across from the operating rooms so i  could be there when they came out. There was a TV in the room so I turned it on and the Duggars were on so I watched them and watched the door where they had gone in. Several minutes later a nurse came out and told me everyone was fine so far and then she went back in. I heard over the loud speaker that there was an emergency c/section going on and they needed all available nurses and doctors to go help. Imagine the kind of scare I had when they all rushed in the door my parents had gone in!

The minutes crept by like hours after that and I barely paid attention to the TV and just stared at the door waiting for a nurse or somebody to come out and tell me what was going on. What seemed like hours later out the doors came my Dad and my new little sibling! I rushed over to them and was able to hold her for the first time ever! We headed back to the recovery room to wait for Mom and cuddle with my sweet sister and then when Mom was ready we all went together to her room. Later that day Dad went back home to get the other children and bring them to the hospital to meet her. We hadn’t had a baby in so long that we were surprised by all the little things that babies do and all the little noises she made!

I can’t believe we are already celebrating her 2nd birthday! She is so funny and really a ball of fun! She loves going to the store with Dad and I and when we are getting into the car to leave she will say everybody’s name’s and ask where they are. If a dress is not cute she will flap her hand and say “nasty” and wont want to wear it. And then she will pick out her favorite dress that is pink and has doggies all over it, and say “please”! Her favorite thing to do when she has a lot of energy is to say ” 1,2,8″ and then run from room to room as if she were running an obstacle course!  Even when she does something naughty, like screaming at the top of her lungs, taking the iPone out of somebody’s hand, eats a whole pack of hubbuba bubble gum all at once or spilling red juice all over our white carpet, I can’t help but think “I’m just so happy she’s here do that!”

As Blessed PopeJohn Paul II said ” The greatest gift you can give your child is another sibling”.

How right he is!

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Lord of The Rings Movie Marathon


I am tired after having stayed out late last night because our homescool group had a nighttime pool party. Now we are gearing up to have a Lord of The Rings: Extended Version with a friend tonight. We made brownies, rice krispies and are breaking out the ice cream and soda right now to help keep us awake and watching the movies! We all watched a little bit and are saving the more suspenseful parts for when the little ones go to bed!

But we had to eat a relatively healthy meal to balance out all the sweets and desserts so for dinner we had Honey Lime Chicken Skewers (, Pineapple Fried Rice ( and Easy Cheesy Zucchini bake ( which was gone so fast I didnt even have time to get a picture! Everyone liked all of it so much that there is nothing left! I have to go- they’re about to play the movie! Au Revoir!



Change of plans

Today was not the normal Sunday that usually comes around every weekend. This Sunday held a slight change in plans for us. As we were walking into church, Pumpkin’s Godfamily came out and said that there would be no Mass today because our priest has pneumonia (please keep him in your prayers). There was only going to be a Eucharistic Service but since we are obligated to go to Mass every weekend when possible, both of our families headed 20 minutes down the road to go to Mass at a different parish. All 13 children and 4 adults piled into a long pew at the back of the church. The Polish priest has a thick accent and it is sometimes hard to understand what he is saying but that helps the little ones because they have to pay extra close attention if they want to know what he is saying! 🙂 We all loaded up in the car after Mass,shouted goodbye to our friends and headed off to the town’s extraordinary donut shop to get two dozen of everyone’s favorite donuts! (There were a lot fewer than that when we got home!) The rest of the day is devoted to finishing off the donuts, relaxing, watching movies and then enjoying a nice dinner of roasted chicken, Focaccia bread, veggies and our new favorite dessert, Cheese Danishes. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

‘Easy Cheese Danishes’



‘Fabulous Focaccia Bread’

1 1/2 cups warm water

1 tsp Garlic Powder

1 tsp Rosemary

1 tsp Basil

1 tsp Salt

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

3 3/4 cup Bread Flour

2 1/2 tsp Yeast

Put ingredients in order in bread machine. Set to dough cycle. Take out the dough and using your hands, press it into a greased cookie sheet until it is the same size as the cookie sheet (like a rectangular pizza crust). Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with parmesan cheese, basil and garlic salt to taste. Cover and let rise for about a 1/2 hour and then bake at 400* for 20 minutes. Enjoy!

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