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Fabulous Bread- No Seriously It’s Fabulous!

on July 25, 2013

As suggested by the title, this recipe is fabulous! BTW- the recipe came with the title, this is not something we are making up! We got this recipe a long time ago from a lady on the Five In A Row homeschool forums. But my Mom can’t remember her name. Once you make this bread, you will wonder how you survived without it! What’s great about it is that it’s very forgiving. I made a mistake once while making it and thought it would be ruined and I kept checking the oven every 5 minutes to see how it was doing. But despite my worries it turned out fine!

My Nana was here visiting with my cousin for a few days and she made her famous stuffed peppers that my Dad talks about all the time! The next day we got Carol Lee donuts- yum!! I introduced Nana to Pinterest and we both spent several hours oohing and ahhhhing over all the good ideas and recipes! So many good times were enjoyed last week! As a side to her delicious stuffed peppers we made this bread and it was a hit all around! So I decided now is a good time to put it on my blog so she can pin it this!

Now this recipe does call for a Kitchen-aid mixer but we made it by hand because our mixer is broken. 🙂 Oh, It is also fabulous (hehe) as French toast!

Fabulous Bread


2 1/2 cups warm water
2 Tb yeast
3 Tb sugar
1 Tb salt
1/3 cup oil
6 cups flour

Mix yeast, sugar and water. Allow to sit for a few minutes. Add remaining ingredients and let your mixer knead the dough until it is a soft dough. Let it rise in mixer. Punch down every 10 minutes by turning on the mixer for a few seconds. Do this 4-5 times.

Divide dough into 4 equal parts. Roll each quarter into a large rectangle and roll up starting from the long side.

Place on greased baking sheets sprinkled with corn meal, seam side down. With a sharp knife cut slits into the loaves. Let rise until doubled in size (about 30 minutes).

Bake at 400 for *35 minutes. Brush crust with butter as soon as it comes out of oven. Try to contain yourself as you wait for it to cool slightly! 😉 Slice and Enjoy!!!

* Sometimes it only takes 20 minutes


4 responses to “Fabulous Bread- No Seriously It’s Fabulous!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Awesome Maddee! I needed a bread recipe today. Is there any way we could get the stuffed peppers recipe or is it a family secret?

    • I just emailed my Nana and I will post the recipe as soon as I get it! 🙂

      • Nana....C. Shomette says:

        hi Ms Maddee
        thanks for the nice write up. yes we did have fun didn’t we?? we have to do it again..As for my stuffed pepper recipe I do not mind posting it for you….the only problem is you know I just throw it all together. oh my goodness well here goes…the ingredients are:
        first cook rice–I cup rice to 2 cps water..make it on the soft side by adding small amt more of water.
        sometimes if in hurry I steam peppers for 5 or so minutes in pot of 3 or 4 inches of can bake them w/out doing this step…it just takes longer to cook..
        green how ever many you wld like to cook..sometimes I cook them whole or if they r real large I cut in half. wash.remove seeds & membranes..i also slice off small amount on bottom so they sit upright in casserole.
        in a large bowl add hamburg–2 or 3 lbs.
        sausage 1 lb
        cracker or bread crumbs
        onion–chopped small–as much to your liking
        1 egg-beaten
        salt pepper parsley small amt of garlic salt
        mix altogether—put in peppers–stuff not too loose..don;t pack—just right (:
        any rice-meat mixture left over I make extra large meatballs for those that don’t like gr.peppers..i put in casserole with stuffed peppers..
        I add tomato juice (salt & pepper) 3/4 ways up peppers OR tomato sauce OR sauce & juice together…basically what ever I have in kitchen. cover & seal well w/aluminum foil or lid…bake in oven about 350 ..I also put cookie sheet or foil in oven as it has tendency to boil over—also when it has cooked for about an hour or so & it is bubbling I turn down oven to 300 & cook til done..i cook mine long and slow…I serve mine w/mashed potatoes—using the sauce on top of the potatoes w/ corn as veggie…pineapple upside down cake for dessert….ah oh now i’m hungry…
        well anyways there’s the wqy I make stuff peppers…don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure this recipe out…just throw all together & I am sure you w/ enjoy… Nana

      • Thank you Nana!! Everybody has been talking about how much fun we had and are asking when you all are coming back! 🙂 Those peppers were so good! While dad is gone in NY we are going to eat the extras that you put in the freezer! Thank you again!! 🙂

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