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Gatlinburg TN

on September 25, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I can’t believe September is almost over! We have been pretty busy this month so that’s probably why… Dad’s birthday was the 16th so to celebrate it we went to Gatlinburg TN for a few days. It is one of our most favorite places to go! Whenever we go down there we always stay at a cabin which is so much fun (and easier than a hotel). My brother found us a cabin that sleeps 12 for $100 but in the end it was lowered to $78. So we were very excited about that. 😀 The 2 little girls (16 months and 3 years) had never been to TN before so I really loved seeing them experience for the first time all the sights and little things that we love!

Some of the places we like to visit while we are there are the Aquarium, WonderWorks (affectionately known to us as “the Upside Down House”, and on this last trip we discovered mini golf! We got several pictures from the first two places but with 10 people playing mini golf there wasn’t time to take pictures… 😉

Here are just a couple of pictures from the Aquarium!

This was a new exibit that we saw for the first time and it was really cool! It’s a penguin tank and they added these little tunnels where you could crawl under the penguins’ water that they swim in. The penguins all had cute little names too….


This was a really cool and huge fish that we saw in the shark tunnel! I can’t remember it’s name though…..


Thought this was a cool picture…


And here are some pictures from the “Upside Down House”.

Picture of the outside……


Leave it to the older boys to turn the rock climbing wall into a racing spot and competition. 😉 They even timed themselves……


MG on the Bed of Nails


This thing was new and it was really cool. There was a timer and a wall of little circles that light up and you have to see who can hit the most circles when they light up (kind of like that wack-a-mole game)….


This is their 4 story rope course. Yes, that’s right, I said 4 story high rope course. I don’t have an issue with heights but this thing was scary!


I was really happy to see that they added a few more little kid games. The 2 girls really enjoyed this “Lite Brite” sort of thing.


My little Pumpkin….. this face pretty much sums her up…. quite the character….. 😉


The bubble room.


Enjoying this giant play house!


They have this exhibit about the Titanic, and it has a bucket of water that is as cold as the water was when the ship sank and there’s a timer. Well, I got to around 9 seconds and my bother got up to 3 minutes!!! Then Mom made him pull it out…. The man who was working said the record for someone holding their hand in it was 25 MINUTES!!!! O_O


And here is everyone but Dad in front of our cabin.


I got this picture of Pumpkin making faces on the way home….


Well, there are some of the things that we did while we were down there! Hope your week has been Fantastic! 🙂


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