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The Best Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting


This morning we had the first snowfall of the year! I’m so excited that winter is finally here!

Today’s recipe is a combination of a recipe for Cinnabon Rolls and a bread machine recipe for Amish bread! I really like using this recipe for the dough because it’s just a basic white bread recipe and it doesn’t have any crazy ingredients in it. Now, I know that the store bought packages of cinnamon rolls are easy and tempting to get but with just a few extra minutes you will get the best cinnamon rolls you (or your family) have ever tasted! Let me warn you though, once you make these, all other cinnamon rolls will never be the same!

If you want the ease of popping them in the oven in the morning, make the rolls the night before, put them in the fridge, then pull those babies out and cook them. If they’re in a glass pan, make sure you put them in a cold oven. You can even make the frosting the night before and just pull it out to soften while the rolls are baking. So yummy!

Last week I made these yummy pumpkin bars with the same frosting that goes on the cinnamon rolls. Check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂


Cinnamon Rolls


For the dough-

9oz warm water
1/4 cup olive oil
3 Tbs sugar
1 tsp salt
3 1/2 cups flour
1 1/2 tsp active dry yeast

For the filling

1 cup packed brown sugar
2 1/2 tbs cinnamon
1/3 cup softened butter


1) Combine all ingredients for the dough in bread machine and set to “dough” cycle.

2) When dough is done roll out on a floured surface to form a 16″ wide and 21″ long rectangle with a thickness of 1/4″.

3) Combine brown sugar and cinnamon in bowl and mix well.

4) Spread the softened butter all over the dough. Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar mix evenly over the butter and dough surface.

5) Roll down jelly roll fashion along the 16″ wide side of the rectangle. Cut dough roll into 12 slices. Place the 12 slices into a 9×13″ baking pan.

6) Bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until light brown on top. Allow to cool. Frost generously and enjoy!

Cream Cheese Frosting

4 Tbs. Softened butter
3 ounces cream cheese*
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp salt


1) Beat butter and cream cheese with mixer until combined.
2) Slowly add in the powdered sugar. Mix in the vanilla and salt.

(If too thick for your liking add a little milk until it is the consistency you like.)

*I don’t mind a little extra cream cheese so I just do 4 ounces to make it easy. 🙂

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Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese frosting

Hi everybody!

I am so glad that it’s turning into Fall! Cozy sweaters, cups of Coffee/Cocoa, and snuggling under the blankets. Oh, and all things pumpkin flavored! 😉

Let me just start by saying that I found this recipe because I was looking for something to use up a tub of homemade cream cheese frosting. Serveral days prior I had made cinnamon rolls. (Come back on Friday for that recipe!) And I also made The Best Cream cheese frosting. But I made a little mistake… I added a whole teaspoon of salt instead of an eighth of a teaspoon. So long story short, I ended up making 8 batches of frosting to balance out the salt! 😛 But having too much frosting on your hands isn’t really a bad thing, right? 😉

So to use up the frosting, I thought, what goes better with cream cheese frosting than pumpkin? One of the things that I love about this recipe is that you put it in a jelly roll pan. I like doing that because it helps make the cake go farther and the frosting to cake ratio is a little more even. 😉 I feel like any time you mix pumpkin with a cake mix you come out with the most moist and deliciously flavored masterpiece! Which is everything I want in a cake!


Pumpkin Bars With Cream Cheese Frosting


2 cups Flour
2 cups sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
2 cups pure pumpkin puree
4 beaten eggs
3/4 cup melted butter


1) Preheat oven to 350 and grease and flour a 15×10″ pan.
2) Combine dry ingredients. Add wet ingredients and mix well.
3) Bake for 25-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean. Cool completely and then frost.
4) Serve with a glass of milk and watch it all disappear! 🙂

Cream Cheese Frosting

4 Tbs. Softened butter
3 ounces cream cheese*
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp salt


1) Beat butter and cream cheese with mixer until combined.
2) Slowly add in the powdered sugar. Mix in the vanilla and salt.

(If too thick for your liking add a little milk until it is the consistency you like.)

*I don’t mind a little extra cream cheese so I just do 4 ounces to make it easy. 🙂

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Balsamic French Dip sandwiches a.k.a Special sandwiches

So I have no idea when we started calling French Dip sandwiches “Special Sandwiches” but let me just say- this recipe deserves that title! We used to make French Dip sandwiches with a packet of au jus, Italian seasoning, and beef broth and it always tasted good but this knocks it out of the park.

One Saturday morning I was trying to find something to put in the crock pot so we would have dinner when we got back from Mass. I realized that I had a rump roast and rolls but no packet of au jus. So I did what I always do in a food emergency- turn to Dr. Pinterest. I found this recipe and checked all the ingredients and they were items that we always have in our pantry. What luck! So I threw it all in the crockpot and couldn’t wait for dinner to come.

We got back from Mass and the house smelled amazing. The boys could barely restrain themselves from picking the meat up with their fingers and eating it. We served it on rolls with a little mayonnaise and there were no leftovers! So I guess it was a hit! 😉 What’s really weird is that I don’t really like meat but this is one of my favorite meals now. Anyway enough about me, let’s get on to the recipe! 🙂

If you try it let me know what you think! 🙂


Special Sandwiches


1 (4 pound) Boneless rump roast
1 cup beef broth
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
1 Tbs Worcestershire sauce
1 Tbs soy sauce
1 Tbs honey
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (adjust to your prefernece)
4 cloves chopped garlic


1) Lay the Rump Roast on the bottom of the crock pot.
2) Combine all other ingredietns in a bowl. Pour over rump roast and put the lid on.
3) If on low cook 6-8 hours and if on high cook 3-4 hours.
4) When done it should pull apart fairly easily. Then with 2 forks pull off as much as the fat as you can and discard.
5) Serve on rolls with some mayonnaise and a little bowl with the some of the extra sauce for dipping.

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Birthdays and Spicy Buffalo Dip

Hi Everyone!

Sunday was MG’s Birthday and my little sis turned 8! When she was born I remember being SO excited to have a little sister. Finally someone who I could play super girly games with! Don’t get me wrong, 4 brothers are AWESOME and my older brother is one of my best friends (and we had some pretty good tea parties) but it’s nice to have a sister who you can giggle with. 😉

MG loves spicy things like I do so I am in luck when it comes to her birthday foods! She wanted this deliciously spicy dip that I got from my Aunt Marcella and Uncle Danny that’s called Spicy chicken buffalo dip. It is so good and perfect with anything! I have made it as a dip, a grilled cheese sandwich and I even mixed it up with some egg noddles to make a yummy casserole. I might have to go in the kitchen and get some right now. 😉 Oh and did I mention it’s easy? The hardest part is cooking the chicken but you could use canned.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip


4 boneless chicken breasts
1 Jar Frank’s hot sauce
1 Jar blue cheese dressing
2 pkgs. softened cream cheese
1 pkg shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup celery


1) Poach and shred the chicken.
2) In a small casserole dish mix together the cream cheese and the blue cheese dressing. Then mix in the cheddar cheese.
3) Sauté celery in the hot sauce until slightly soft.
4) Combine the chicken and the celery mixture with the cheese mixture in the casserole dish.
5) Bake at 350 for 35 minutes. Serve with crackers (and a glass of water;) and enjoy!


(Sorry about this lousy picture this dip was surprisingly hard to photograph…) 😛

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Easy and Delicious Pie Crust

Hello Everyone!

Thanksgiving is soon approaching so today I have an easy pie crust recipe! This recipe comes from my Grandmother and it is so versatile. We make pies, fruit pies, quiches, casseroles– anything that calls for a pie crust! But we have been craving pumpkin pie and at first I was worried that if we had it now we wouldn’t want it on Thanksgiving but really, who would get tired of pie?

What I love about this crust is that it has 5 ingredients and it requires NO rolling out!!!! Or chilling…. It’s so annoying when you want a pie and you want it now but the crust is holding you back because it has to chill for 2 hours…. the frustrations of a baker….. 😉 And when you make a homemade crust you always feel good about your pies!

Easy Mazola Pie Crust
Makes 1 9″ pie crust


1 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1/2 cup oil
2 Tbs milk


1) Sift together the flour, salt, and sugar in medium bowl.


2) With a fork whip together the oil and milk. Then pour into the dry ingredients and mix until crumbly.


3) Press with fingers into 9″ pie plate.


4) Bake at 450 for 10-12 minutes.*

Here is the finished product with a yummy pumpkin filling!


*If a recipe calls for a baked pie crust then go ahead and bake it but if it calls for unbaked then it works just fine for that too. 🙂

Isn’t that a cute dollop of Whipped cream? Its so pretty….Here’s what my pie would really look like though if I was just eating it…. Equal parts crust, filling, and whipped cream…..




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